All of our healing sessions are performed through a Distant Healing Energy Connection through an Energetic Meditative State on our end, as this is how we connect in with our clients.

Customized Healing are our main focus here at Elixir Universe (A Holistic Healing), as this is when we can help client’s focus on exactly what they want to work on for their Healing needs. Everyone is dissimilar, each matter is dissimilar and no two energy fields are the same so we pride ourselves on customized the Healing work exactly for the client.

Elixir Universe offer Customized Healing Sessions for any issues and any need. Some of the more common areas are Medical and Health issues, Chakra’s Healing, Attachment issues Dealing with Demonic Attachments, Weight Loss Healing, Relationship Healing, Home/Office Energy Grid Repair, Career Healing, Past Life Healing, Situational Problems at Home/Family/Friends/Co-Workers, Love Issues, Animal Healing, Home/Office and Environmental Issues, and many more.


  • Recovery : Reiki can assist you in recovery from Medical Treatment and Operation.
  • Injuries : Reiki can aid recovery from Injuries.
  • Well being : Reiki can help promote general well being improving the Immune System.
  • Stress : Reiki can treat Stress and help with Insomnia.
  • Pain : Reiki can bring relief from Chronic Pain.
  • Relief : Reiki can relieve Allergies and Headaches.
  • Regulate : Reiki can regulate Blood Pressure.
  • Hormonal : Reiki can ease Hormonal disorder.
  • Therapeutic : Reiki can sooth tight muscles.
  • Relaxing : Reiki can help induce a state of deep relaxation.
  • Emotion : Reiki can Heal any Emotional Problems you may be experiencing.


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