Power of Angels: Discover How to Connect, Communicate, and Heal with the Angels & Archangels.

How to Work with Archangels: Guidance from Archangels for Abundance, Healing, Spiritual Wisdom, and More.

How to Work with Archangels: Guidance from Archangels for Abundance, Healing, Spiritual Wisdom, and More.

According to angel expert Dipanjan, angels are everywhere, and they’re just waiting for a chance to help people. With this guide, you will learn to communicate with the angelic realm for guidance, healing, and protection from harm. Thousands of angels can be called upon to provide solace, watch over children, and create a prosperous life.

MESSENGER OF GOD is called an angel if they have human form, wings, and a halo. The word connotes goodness and is frequently used to describe someone who provides consolation and assistance to others when they are in need. You appeared like an innocent angel when you were a youngster, but looks can be deceiving.


Angel is derived from the Greek word angelos, which means “MESSENGER.” It is used in the Bible to refer to God’s helpers, and in ancient Asian societies, angels were also thought to be human guardians.

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Dipanjan Dey (Rupam) - Founder of Elixir Universe

Elixir Universe is run by Dipanjan Dey (Rupam), Certified International Traditional Healer – Holistic Therapist cum Healer (Reiki / Angelic / Crystal / SW / EC’s / Numeric) who is a Certified Master Healer of Reiki, Angel Healer & Master Healer of Lama-Fera (World Most Fastest Healing). Fully trained and Insured. Certificates and Professional Insurance is on display. As a Healer of the Reiki,Angel, Lama-Fera, SW Healing and other modality, a code of ethics must be followed and a commitment made to professional development. Confidentiality is strictly maintained.

We are situated in a Assam, India, where we are passionate about helping others to really relax and enjoy time to themselves through a range of beautiful treatments. Our aim is to make you feel special, pampered and totally at ease and to forget the strains of everyday life. 

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