Reiki Distant Healing is also known as absent healing i.e. the Reiki Practitioner and the Healer are not physically present near each other for the healing to take place. During a Distant Healing Session, the Healer may be present in India and the Healer may be present anywhere in the world.

The Healing takes place remotely as the LIFE FORCE ENERGY is present everywhere. The Healing takes place as the Healing Energy is directed and guided by the Reiki Practitioner, since the healing is remote. The effects of the Healing sessions are very effective and in most cases even more effective than touch or normal Healing sessions.

Benefit of REIKI HEALING :

Instant Relief from DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, STRESS, ANGER, FEAR, PAIN starting 3 Days!

Reiki Power Distance Healing for Concentration, Phobia, Frustration, Relationship, Finance & Chronic Physical, Mental & Psychological Diseases!!!

No Personal Presence Required.

No Medicine

No Mantra / Tantra

No Stones

No Rituals

With Reiki Spiritual Energy Healing Treatment by Master / Grand Master Level Healers.

Immensely successful in Relationship Healing, Business, Finance & Career.

Fast Acting Treatment available for Parkinson, Autism, Piles and may more rare Diseases.

Immediate Result in Reducing Anxiety & Increasing Focus & Concentration in Children of all ages.


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