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Lama Fera Healing Sessions (Distance)

for Physical, Mental & Emotional Layer

“I invite you to this feast of Divine Bliss, Divine Healing, Lama Fera Healing (World Most Powerful Healing Modality) which is pouring around you, even in this your hard time,  I hope you will come and enjoy the Divine Experience of the Life Eternal.”


World Most Powerful Healing Modality

Lama Fera Healing Sessions

Buddham Saranam Gacchami ! Dhammam Saranam Gacchami ! Sangham Saranam Gacchami !

LAMA FERA Healing Sessions (Distance)

By Master Healer : Dipanjan Dey & Nancy Chaki.

LAMA FERA is a Very Powerful and considered as the Fastest Energy based Healing Technique used by the Buddhist monks in the Himalayas for centuries. It is very unique and efficient technique for cleansing the energetic system of all the low vibrations and attracting the positive ones instead. This technique works on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

LamaFera is the union of two words. Both words have their own individual identities and meanings. Lama means a follower who follows the ideas of Buddha, and Fera represents the two and a half revolutions. In simple words, Fera stands for “around the body.” For centuries, this energy healing system has been practiced in Buddhist monasteries throughout the Himalayas.


Sadguru Satyananda Ji , a reacher in spiritual healing and Enlightenment techniques, developed LAMA-FERA in 1995, under the grace of Honorable Traditional Guru “ATMANANDA” and “MANDOSA” a Buddhist saint. Sad Guru Satyanand Ji convert the mantras (approx. 4,50,000 mantras vibration) in graphic form, called Symbols by using Shalvik Mantra Rahasya and added in this technique. Further, he designed some tools for common people, who can practice easily without long and tough Meditation.

Laws of Healing - Elixir Universe


  • It helps in sensing the Vibrations and feel change in Energy Field.
  • It helps in Clearing Negative Energy or Problems in Health, Business, Property etc.
  • Lama Fera Healing promotes Chemical Processing of Body, Muscles, Bones, Digestive Disorders and give Strength and Radiant Energy.
  • It helps in Striking a Balance of Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual problems.
  • It help in Healing the Root Cause of Diseases Directly.
  • It helps in attaining the developing Awareness, Enlightenment and Knowledge.
  • It supports Increasing Activity, Alertness and Self Confidence.
  • Lama Fera boosts Good Results in Land, Property matters and Other disputes.
  • It provides Protection from B/M, Curse, Evil Eyes, Voodoo etc.
  • It helps in attaining Abundance and Success in Life.
  • Its helps in Improving Memory & Concentration.
  • It gives Protection from Enemies.
  • It helps in repaying loans and settling debt issues.

You are Strongly Welcome to our LAMA FERA Distance Healing Sessions.

The Healing Program is Running by Smti. Nancy Chaki (Master Healer)  &  Dipanjan Dey (Rupam) Master Healer &  Founder of Elixir Universe, A Internationally Certified Healer.

By the Blessings of Universe, Lord Buddha, Reiki Energy, Angelic Energy, we have organised Lama Fera Distance Healing Sessions (Paid) for all needy people.

The greatest Gift you can give your self is to Breath and Relax and to go deep into all your Chakra’s (Energy Center of Body) to free Yourself from all the Fear, Pain, Resentment, Blame and Guilt etc., that got frozen in time, frozen deep inside the cells in your body and in your Auric Field, causing disease, anxiety and discomfort etc.

Our Lama Fera Distance Healing Sessions (Paid) Offers you the Opportunity, from the comfort zone of your Home and without doing anything specific, you can take advantage of it with continuing your Regular Routine.

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Lama Fera Master Healer

Meet Our Founder cum Healer:

Dipanjan Dey (Rupam) - Founder of Elixir Universe

Elixir Universe is run by Dipanjan Dey (Rupam), Certified International Traditional Healer – Holistic Therapist cum Healer (Reiki / Angelic / Crystal / SW / EC’s / Numeric) who is a Certified Master Healer of Reiki, Angel Healer & Master Healer of Lama-Fera (World Most Fastest Healing). Fully trained and Insured. Certificates and Professional Insurance is on display. As a Healer of the Reiki,Angel, Lama-Fera, SW Healing and other modality, a code of ethics must be followed and a commitment made to professional development. Confidentiality is strictly maintained.

We are situated in a Assam, India, where we are passionate about helping others to really relax and enjoy time to themselves through a range of beautiful treatments. Our aim is to make you feel special, pampered and totally at ease and to forget the strains of everyday life. We have created a luxurious, soothing and calming space. A mini heaven for tranquility and relaxation.

Buddham Saranam Gacchami Dhammam Saranam Gacchami Sangham Saranam Gacchami

Meaning of Mantra

These words are not just for uttering, but for investigating, to go deep into their meaning. To meditate upon. Buddha means the one who takes us from Darkness to Light, towards wisdom. Towards higher consciousness towards mindfuless.  Dhamma is ‘Here – and – Now’, It is not taking refuge into some intellectual writings or anything but something we can access here and now. Sangha Means community, community where people support, help each other in the meditation practice. It is very important to have a community, so that when you are feeling down, when you are not feeling your 100%, or when you are stuck somewhere, the Community is there to Help you, to pull you up.

To know that there is some bigger, higher force or energy that is in play, and we all have access to that energy. And how can we access that force that energy? By surrendering, by taking refuge into that higher self, by becoming one with that, by becoming part of that force, that energy. Three Jewels of Buddhism are the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha and by reaching or by surrendering oneself to these three heals one from all sufferings and that journey starts with taking refuge in Buddha Dhamma Sangha.  This Mantra  is also called three gem of Buddhism.

Benefits of Chanting Mantra

  • Awakening the mind
  • Freedom from Suffering
  • Direct Connection with divine forces
  • Remains in the present
  • Helps to surrender before God and go to the higher self
  • This mantra helps in meditation practice 
  • And Many More Benefits. 


1. During Healing Time/Days all participants should be in Gratitude to the Universe, Lord Buddha, Lama Fera Energy, Master Healer Dipanjan Dey & Nancy Chaki, Family, Relatives, Health, Wealth etc.

2. Energy Exchange :


I request all of you, kindly to serve some water to plant and a Packet of Biscuit, Water bottle or any kind of help (as per your effort and wish) to any Orphan Child/ Poor People/ Hungry Dog or any others in Daily/Monthly/Weekly basis as per your convenient time, by doing any kind of service to our Mother Universe, you gets Rewards in your Life Multiple Times.

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Benefits of Half Yearly Enrolled Membership Card:

1. Checking Root Cause of Your Issues Through Aura Scanner (Health, GEO, Aura, Planatory etc) and Provide Complete Report.
2. Discount will be provide in Energy Exchange for One to One Aura Reading Sessions and Planatory. 
3. All Time WhatsApp / Call Supports.
4. We provide Time to Time Reading Your Vibrational Levels for your wellness.

Rating For Our Healing:


In Sanskrit, the word “CHAKRA” means “DISK” or “WHEEL” and refers to the energy centers in your body. Those wheels or disks of spinning strength each correspond to certain nerve bundles and essential organs.

To function at their high-quality, your CHAKRAS need to stay Open, or Balanced. In the event that they get blocked, you may revel in Bodily or Emotional signs related to a selected CHAKRA.

There are seven predominant CHAKRAS that run alongside your Spine. They begin at the Root, or Base, of your backbone and amplify to the Crown of your Head. That said, some human beings agree with you have at the least 114 distinctive CHAKRAS in the body. 


Our Mission Is to Provide a Professional & Honest Approach to Energy Healing

A form of complementary and alternative medicine based on the belief that a vital energy flows through the Human Body. The goal of Energy Healing is to Balance the Energy Flow in the patient. It is used to reduce stress and anxiety and promote well-being. Energy healing is being studied in patients receiving cancer therapy, to find out if it can improve quality of life, boost the immune system, or reduce side effects. Also called energy therapy.

We all learned in School physics class that matter is made up of molecules. Even something that is solid, such as a table, is vibrating all the time. As humans, we, too, are vibrating.

When you say a person has “Good Vibes,” you’re certainly talking approximately that individual’s Vibrational power—and satisfied humans tend to vibrate on a better frequency.

Places have vibes too. When you walk into a room in which a fight has just occurred, you may feel a dense energy that makes you want to leave right away. The beach has a light vibe due to the salt (a natural energy cleanser) and moving air. The air at the beach vibrates at a higher frequency as well.

Root Chakra or Muladhara

Location: Below the sacrum bone (base of the spine)

Endocrine System: Adrenal glands

Organs/System Affected: Large intestine and rectum; some influence the function of kidneys, muscular system, and the fat cells.

Deficiency/Excess: Disorders of the bowel and large intestine, eating disorders, depression and immune related disorders, chronic lower back pain, and lack of energy.


Sacral Chakra or Svadishthana

Location: Lower abdomen

Endocrine System/Hormonal Gland: Pancreas

Organs/System Affected: Liver, kidneys, and the lower abdomen.

Deficiency/Excess: Chronic back pain, sciatica, loss of appetite, blood cancer, diabetes; dysfunction of reproductive organs, spleen, and urinary system.


Solar Plexus Chakra or Manipura

Location: Below the diaphragm

Endocrine System/Hormonal Gland: Pancreas and the adrenal glands.

Organs/System Affected: Respiratory system, the digestive system, the lower back, the sympathetic nervous system, the pancreas, spleen, and the liver.

Deficiency/Excess: Stomach and liver problems leading to digestive disorders, diabetes, pancreatitis, arthritis, and allergy.


Heart Chakra or Anahata

Location: Chest

Endocrine System: The thymus gland

Organ/System Affected: Heart and circulatory system, the pulmonary system, the immune system, upper back, shoulders and arms.

Deficiency/Excess: Disorders of the heart or lungs, asthma, allergies, immune deficiency problems, and tension between shoulder blades.


Throat Chakra or Vishuddhi

Location: Throat

Endocrine System: The thyroid and the parathyroid glands

Organ/System Affected: Throat, neck, mouth, teeth and gums, ears, muscles.

Deficiency/Excess: Chronic throat problems, mouth ulcers, laryngitis and thyroid problems, ear infections, headaches, and pain in the neck and shoulders


Third Eye Chakra or Ajna

Location: Between the brows.

Endocrine System: Pituitary and the pineal glands.

Organ/System Affected: Brain, nervous system, eyes, ears, nose and the sinuses.

Deficiency/Excess: Headaches, ear and eye problems, brain tumor, stroke, neurological disturbances, learning disabilities, and spinal disorders


Crown Chakra or Sahasrara

Location: The crown of the skull

Endocrine System/Nervous system: Pineal gland in the brain / central nervous system

Organ/System affected: Cerebrum, top of the spinal cord, brain stem, pain center and nerves.

Deficiency/Excess: Constant sense of frustration, no joy, destructive feelings, migraine headaches and depression. Excess of energy in this chakra causes confusion, spiritual addiction, and dissociation from body


Seven Chakra

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