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We help to boost your Pendulum Reading and Healing.

Awesome Wooden, Brass and Crystal Pendulu

Brass Pendulum - Elixir Universe

Our Faculty

Dipanjan Dey (Rupam) - Founder of Elixir Universe

Elixir Universe is run by Dipanjan Dey (Rupam), Certified International Traditional Healer – Holistic Therapist cum Healer (Reiki / Angelic / Crystal / SW / EC’s / Numeric) who is a Certified Master Healer of Reiki, Angel Healer & Master Healer of Lama-Fera (World Most Fastest Healing). Fully trained and Insured. Certificates and Professional Insurance is on display. As a Healer of the Reiki,Angel, Lama-Fera, SW Healing and other modality, a code of ethics must be followed and a commitment made to professional development. Confidentiality is strictly maintained.

Holistic Healing Courses

Topic Covered :

Learn Basic & Advance of Dowsing

Get Yes / No answer for your questions

Learn how to Analyse All Chakra – yours & other

Book a Distance 30 Days REIKI Healing Session

Topic Covered :

Learn how to check Vastu – Yours & Others

Learn How to Find Lost Items through Pendulum.

Learn how to Heal yourself and Others using Pendulum

Book a 21 Days Relationship Healing (Remotely)

Topic Covered :

Learn how to send Healing energy to others over a distance pendulum.

Learn how to heal yourself and other using Pendulum with energy circle.

Learn how to activate Affirmations for yourself and for others.

Book a 7 Days Lama-Fera Healing Session.

Topic Covered :

Learn how to create and run healing programs using pendulum. This can be used to heal yourself and others.

Learn how to Energized your own water and to Energized water remotely.

Learn how to check various states of energy using pendulum.

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Topic Covered :

Learn to activate healing numbers for yourself and for others using pendulum.

Learn to enable your sight and sight of others to send healing energy or programs using pendulum.

Learn to capture energy of anything and convert it into program using pendulum.

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Our awards and achievement

World Book of Record - Dipanjan Dey (Rupam)

Best APP design award

Best UI design award

Best APP design award

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